College Football Program Rankings

College Football Program Rankings of all Power 5 Teams
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The Top College Football Programs, 51-69

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51. Iowa State
Program Rating: 450.08

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 56
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 45
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 61

Brand/Stability Ranking: 37

With a loyal fan base and coaching stability, the Cyclones are trending in the right direction. In 2021, Iowa State made their first major bowl game as they defeated Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl.

2022 was a miss for the Cyclones considering all the pieces returning from the Fiesta Bowl win. They also need to get the Cy-Hawk trophy back in Ames after six straight losses to their rival.

52. California
Program Rating: 441.47

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 54
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 58
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 53

Brand/Stability Ranking: 47

The Bears are in a great market. They've had strings of success including 6 straight bowl wins from 2003 through 2008. The brand metrics are better than their ranking , meaning there's upside

To see any upside, they need wins which haven't come consistently. They've only made 4 bowl games in the past 12 years. It is a bad time to perform poorly with more conference realignment likely.

53. Ole Miss
Program Rating: 444.67

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 61
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 56
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 58

Brand/Stability Ranking: 27

With solid recruiting, attendance, and TV ratings relative to their ranking, Ole Miss will jump up if they continue winning like they did in 2021. They've now made two major bowls since 2015.

The Rebels have zero conference championships or conference championship game appearances in recent history. Can they ever clear that hurdle in the SEC West?

54. Virginia
Program Rating: 435.34

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 47
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 57
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 46

Brand/Stability Ranking: 60

Virginia is located in prime battleground real estate between the SEC and Big Ten. They showed flashes of success in 2019 as they made the conference championship game and earned an Orange Bowl bid.

Virginia ranks low in recruiting, attendance, TV ratings, and coaching stability. From a performance perspective, they have averaged just 3.3 wins against P5 teams in the regular season since 2008.

55. Maryland
Program Rating: 470.06

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 58
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 59
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 54

Brand/Stability Rating: 46

Maryland has some Big Ten
Benefits (BTBs) with revenue and they recruit better than their ranking. They made their first bowl game last season since 2014 so the Terps hope to build off that.

As stated above they made their first bowl game since 2014. They've averaged 2.7 wins against Power 5 opponents in the regular season during that span.

56. Washington State
Program Rating: 428.59

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 52
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 40
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 53

Brand/Stability Rating: 59

After not making a bowl in 9 straight seasons, the Cougars have made bowl appearances in 7 out of the last 9 seasons. The 10 year performance ranking has WSU trending up.

Conference realignment. Without much tradition, poor attendance, poor recruiting, and instability in the head coaching position, the Cougars need to hope the Pac 12 stabilizes.

57. Central Florida
Program Rating: 428.18

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 55
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 34
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 64

Brand/Stability Rating: 56

The Knights have six bowl appearances in a row and 3 major bowl appearances since 2013, winning two of those. Most Power 5 teams would love to have that recent resume.
UCF was able to secure a spot in the Big 12.

They haven't been a program long, joining the FBS in 1993, but have a done a great job of building through winning. The Big 12 will be a big jump, we'll see if the Knights are capable.

58. Arizona

Program Rating: 418.27

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 60
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 55
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 49

Brand/Stability Rating: 50

The Wildcats have a large enrollment base with decent attendance versus their ranking. They flashed in 2014 with a conference championship appearance and a major bowl game.

Getting shut out of 4 straight bowl seasons is actually tough to do in the modern era for a P5 team, but Arizona has pulled it off. This isn't a good time to be a bottom feeder in the conference.

59. Wake Forest

Program Rating: 416.58

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 46
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 49
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 60

Brand/Stability Rating: 68

Wake Forest is coming off of one of their best seasons ever. They've made bowl games in 5 out of the last 6 years and are coming off a conference championship game which scores some major
bonus points.

TV ratings, attendance, and enrollment are all poor for the Demon Deacons. They need to continue winning to help build the brand and following.

60. Oregon State

Program Rating: 415.11

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 55
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 65
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 62

Brand/Stability Rating: 63

The thrashing that Ochocinco and the Beavers gave Notre Dame in the 2001 Fiesta Bowl was epic . Oregon State made 9 bowl games from 2002 through 2013. OSU is also coming off a bowl season.

Conference realignment is a big concern for a program with just 1 bowl game since 2014.

61. Colorado
Program Rating: 401.84

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 59
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 64
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 39

Brand/Stability Ranking: 61

The Buffs have a national title from 1990 in an era where they made 4 major bowl games in 6 years. Colorado has proven it can be a winner and they're in a great
city and area market.

Just 1 bowl game in the past 14 years have to give concern to Colorado fans in the wake of conference shifting. The Buffs have averaged just 2.6 wins per year versus Power 5 teams since 2008.

62. Houston
Program Rating: 384.23

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 62
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 51
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 57

Brand/Stability Ranking: 64

The Big 12 baby
, something the Cougars have wanted for a while. It was also a very underrated move to pull Holgorsen, with Big 12 experience, from West Virginia.

Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes jumping conferences can backfire. However this is a risk Houston will gladly take.

63. Indiana
Program Rating: 382.33

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 66
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 61
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 65

Brand/Stability Ranking: 33

The Hoosiers have solid TV ratings, solid enrollment, and coaching stability. They also won 6 out of 7 games in 2020 and ended the COVID season ranked #12 in the AP poll.

They have just 2.35 wins per season versus Power 5 opponents since 2002. After excitement in 2020, they regressed in 2021 by going winless in conference play.

64. Rutgers
Program Rating: 375.82

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 64
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 66
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 66

Brand/Stability Ranking: 53

Rutgers has a large enrollment base in a huge market and they have solid attendance versus their ranking. They also showed success from 2005 through 2014 with 9 bowl games in 10 years and a conference championship.

Just 1 bowl game since 2014. Also who really cares about your market size when TV ratings are so poor.

65. Syracuse
Program Rating: 365.92

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 63
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 62
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 51

Brand/Stability Rating: 62

The program had good success in the late 80's and 90's with 4 major bowl games. They also have Donovan McNabb which doesn't score extra points, but should.

The brand and stability metrics don't look good with poor viewership, attendance, recruiting, and enrollment. The 10 year performance is also one of the worst for a P5 team.

66. Illinois
Program Rating: 358.15

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 65
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 68
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 63

Brand/Stability Rating: 55

Decent brand metrics for the Big Ten program with big enrollment numbers and
OK attendance. The Fighting Illini also made the Rose Bowl in 2007.

Illinois has averaged just 2.2 Power 5 wins per regular season since 2003. You can't build a program or a brand with those numbers.

67. Duke
Program Rating: 315.57

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 67
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 50
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 67

Brand/Stability Rating: 65

Duke only has 8 bowl games in the past 50 years, but 6 of those have come since 2012. Dave Cutliffe showed that coaching stability can even work at Duke.

Football is tough in Durham. Now the Blue Devils have to bring in a new coach which is usually rough at poor performing programs.

68. Vanderbilt

Program Rating: 297.79

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 68
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 67
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 68

Brand/Stability Rating: 67

The Commodores showed some success from 2007 to 2013 with 5 bowl appearances. There are also worse places to go to school than Nashville, which could explain how they're out-recruiting their rank.

It has been tough to win in the SEC for Vanderbilt, leading to poor attendance and TV ratings. They could also use some coaching stability to have a chance at building consistency.

69. Kansas

Program Rating: 252.01

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 69
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 69
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 69

Brand/Stability Rating: 69

Kansas won an Orange Bowl not too long ago in 2007. They also pulled off an epic upset at Texas last year to build upon.

The Orange Bowl win was the last bowl appearance for the Jayhawks. They've averaged less than 1 win per year versus Power 5 teams since 2009, which is historically bad.