College Football Program Rankings

College Football Program Rankings of all Power 5 Teams
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The Top College Football Programs, 1-25

Disclaimer: Data used for rankings will be going through more versions of QC. Expect some slight adjustments to the rankings in the near future.

1. Alabama
Program Rating: 1,233.34

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 1
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 1
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 1

Brand/Stability Ranking: 2

The brand metrics are strong across the board
. Saban provides outstanding stability. Nothing builds a program like winning. Alabama has been in 9 of the last 13 title games including 6 of the last 7.

It's tough to see the dynasty crumbling soon, but NIL and conference realignment could bring change that Alabama doesn't need.

2. Ohio State
Program Rating: 1,146.32

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 2
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 3
50 Yr Performance Ranking:

Brand/Stability Ranking: 1

The Buckeyes top the brand/stability rankings with great TV viewership, recruitment, attendance, and a huge enrollment base. They've also won 4 out of the last 5 Big Ten titles.

To have an Alabama type of dynasty, Ohio State needs some stability with a long-term coach. Can Ryan Day be this guy?

3. Oklahoma
Program Rating: 996.65

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 2
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 5
50 Yr Performance Ranking:

Brand/Stability Ranking: 12

The performance ranking over the past 25 years ranks 2nd. The Sooners boast 24 winning seasons in a row, have made 4 CFP appearances and have won 6 out of the last 7 Big 12 titles.

The Sooners lack of any CFP wins which can't sustain a #3 ranking too much longer. It is difficulty to predict if a move to the SEC will make the Sooners more like Alabama or Arkansas?

4. Clemson
Program Rating: 994.41

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 4
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 2
50 Yr Performance Ranking:

Brand/Stability Ranking: 8

The 10 year performance rankings are 2nd behind only Alabama. Clemson is just a few program points behind Oklahoma and can surpass the Sooners if they get back to the CFP this year.

After 6 seasons of ACC dominance they slipped last year. The ACC hurts Clemson's viewership rating. With the Grant of Rights, solving this is complicated.

5. Georgia
Program Rating: 949.91

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 5
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 4
50 Yr Performance Ranking:

Brand/Stability Rating: 5

The consistency of Georgia has been outstanding with post-season play in each of the past 25 seasons. They finally topped Alabama and won a national title which was needed for program confidence.

Georgia's program is strong across all metrics, although the TV metrics could be better based on their ranking. They play a lot of ugly, low-scoring games but winning on the big stage cures all of that.

6. Louisiana State
Program Rating: 911.33

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 6
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 6
50 Yr Performance Ranking:

Brand/Stability Rating: 7

The Tigers have won national titles with three different coaches since 2003 which says a lot about the ability to win big in Baton Rouge. Pulling Brian Kelly away from South Bend shows willingness to invest in the arms race.

After what could have been the best college football team ever in 2019, LSU has followed up with two stinkers. The SEC isn't getting any easier and the Tigers need to improve on their consistency.

7. Florida

Program Rating: 829.42

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 8
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 15
50 Yr Performance Ranking:

Brand/Stability Rating: 13

Florida has found itself in a NY6 bowl game in 3 out the past 4 years. They also have two national titles since 2006 and only three other teams can say the same (LSU, Alabama, Clemson).

The Gators are bringing in their 5th coach since 2010. They haven't won a conference title since 2008. If this continues a few more years, look for Florida to slide out of the top 10.

8. Michigan

Program Rating: 828.73

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 13
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 16
50 Yr Performance Ranking:

Brand/Stability Rating: 3

Michigan has all the intangibles of a great program. With the Big House, they lead all programs in attendance . On the performance side, finally making the CFP last year was a great start.

The Wolverines need to prove that 2021 wasn't a fluke and that they can compete with Ohio State better in the coming years. They can't afford another 16 year conference drought.

9. Florida State

Program Rating: 815.12

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 7
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 9
50 Yr Performance Ranking:

Brand/Stability Rating: 15

The Seminoles are one of just 6 programs with a national title in the past 10 years. Their string of success in the late 80's through the 90's was one of the best runs in college football history.

The Noles can't let Clemson continue to run the ACC if they hope to stay in the top 10.

10. Texas

Program Rating: 767.01

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 12
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 25
50 Yr Performance Ranking:

Brand/Stability Rating: 10

Even though recent stability and consistency is lacking, other brand metrics keep the Longhorns in the top 10. They have the type of program that can complete in the SEC if...

They must find some stability and regain a culture of winning. The last Big 12 title for the Horns was in 2009. Losing to Kansas at home was just weird. Lose long enough, and the brand will go down with you.

11. Wisconsin
Program Rating: 762.05

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 11
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 8
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 18

Brand/Stability Ranking: 16

The Badgers have appeared in 6 Big Ten conference championship games and 6 major bowl games since 2010. The program has appeared in 20 straight bowl games.

The performance is solid, but they haven't broke through with a CFP appearance and have not won the Big Ten since 2012. This, combined poor recruiting and TV ratings relative to their ranking, are why Wisconsin just narrowly missed the top 10.

12. USC
Program Rating: 743.53

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 10
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 17
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 11

Brand/Stability Ranking: 21

The Trojans
won the offseason by 1) getting Lincoln Riley from the #3 ranked program on this list, and 2) make a stealth move to the Big Ten. Both of which should help address the concerns below.

The Trojans are bringing in their 4th coach in the past ten years, but getting Riley was seismic. They've also suffered from low TV ratings, along with everyone else in the Pac-12.

13. Auburn
Program Rating: 737.98

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 15
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 22
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 17

Brand/Stability Ranking: 11

Auburn has been consistently winning. The Tigers have
great recent seasons on the resume as they won a national title in 2010 and narrowly missed out on another in 2013.

There's no room to slip up in the SEC West and with two mediocre seasons in a row the Tigers can't afford more. There also seems to be drama with the coach which is never good.

14. Penn State
Program Rating: 737.92

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 18
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 19
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 13

Brand/Stability Ranking: 6

With outstanding attendance, enrollment, and solid recruiting, the intangibles help propel the Nittany Lions higher than their performance backs up.
Although they do have 3 major bowl games in the past 6 years.

The program had a lot of momentum pre-covid and haven't been the same since. With a ten year performance ranking of 19, Penn State needs to win more. They have the other metrics in place.

15. Oregon
Program Rating: 732.76

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 9
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 7
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 15

Brand/Stability Rating: 43

The overall performance rankings, especially recently, warrant a top 10 ranking. Since 2009, they've been in a major bowl, CFP game, or national title game 7 times. Oregon also continues to recruit well.

As a program, Oregon needs to prove they can keep a coach. Unfortunately, they'll have to continue this trend with Dan Lanning taking over.

16. Notre Dame
Program Rating: 723.51

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 17
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 10
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 14

Brand/Stability Rating: 9

The top 10 ranking for recent 10 year performance and also for Brand/Stability show that as long as the Irish
win, they will climb the rankings. The Irish have a strong following and post solid numbers in TV rankings, attendance, and recruiting.

Losing a coach to LSU hurts. Notre Dame has not won a CFP game or a national title since 1988. They need to prove they can win the big games to keep the brand powerful.

17. Texas A&M

Program Rating: 682.59

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 30
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 23
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 24

Brand/Stability Rating: 4

The Aggies are near the top in the Brand
/Stability categories with huge attendance, massive enrollment, and great recruiting. Jimbo Fisher is a proven winner.

With only 1 major bowl game and zero conference championships since 1999, Texas A&M has not proved they can break through and win when it matters.

18. Michigan State

Program Rating: 680.52

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 19
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 12
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 25

Brand/Stability Rating: 14

Michigan State's 10 year performance ranking has them trending in the right direction. They're also in a select group of teams that has made the college football playoff.

Breaking through in the Big Ten East will be tough and that's what Michigan State will need to do to climb this list. All the other metrics are in place to be successful.

19. Virginia Tech

Program Rating: 674.82

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 14
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 33
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 19

Brand/Stability Rating: 31

The only time since 1993 that Virginia Tech missed out on a bowl game was during the COVID 2020 season. Through
solid defense and special teams, the Hokies were as consistent as you can get.

Frank Beamer's gone and the Hokies now bring in their 2nd coach since Beamer. Virginia Tech needs to prove it can win big without Beamer. Otherwise, as their 10 year performance rating suggests, they'll continue to slide down this list.

20. Miami (FL)

Program Rating: 649.70

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 16
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 24
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 9

Brand/Stability Rating: 38

Miami showed it's a program
serious about returning to greatness by pulling Mario Cristobal from Oregon. Their recruiting is solid and NIL could help even more.

Once a top program, Miami only has one major bowl game since 2006 and they lost that game. Recent 10 year performance is a major concern.

21. Iowa
Program Rating: 644.92

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 22
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 20
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 21

Brand/Stability Ranking: 18

Kirk Ferentz has coached the Hawkeyes since 1999, providing consistency and stability. Iowa has appeared in bowl games in all but 3 seasons since 2001.

Despite a ton of consistency, Iowa hasn't been able to win the big one. Their last conference championship was a shared title in 2004.

22. Nebraska
Program Rating: 639.66

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 24
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 48
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 12

Brand/Stability Ranking: 19

To Baby Boomers and even Generation X, Nebraska is probably perceived as a sleeping giant as represented in the 50 yr performance rankings. Lincoln is still a very special place to watch a football game.

To Generation Z, Nebraska is a very mediocre Power 5 team. For performance rankings in the past 10 years, their #48 ranking sits just below Kentucky and just ahead of Wake Forest. Ouch.

23. Oklahoma State
Program Rating: 636.66

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 20
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 13
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 29

Brand/Stability Ranking: 23

Oklahoma State is trending in the right direction
by winning with a fun brand. The Cowboys have 16 straight bowl appearances, winning 11 of them. They've made 3 major bowl games in the past 11 years.

After missing out on a BCS title game by fractions of a point in 2011 and then missing the CFP by inches in 2021, the Cowboys haven't been able to break through to the biggest stage.

24. Stanford
Program Rating: 615.28

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 23
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 11
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 27

Brand/Stability Ranking: 25

Since 2010, Stanford has appeared in 5 major bowl games, defined as New Years 6 or equivalent. They've won 3 of those. In the past 10 years, the Cardinal rank 11th in performance. They're trending up, but...

Three poor seasons in a row have to concern Stanford fans. They don't have the tradition to withstand too many more clunkers and need a solid 2022 season.

25. West Virginia
Program Rating: 614.94

25 Yr Performance Ranking: 21
10 Yr Performance Ranking: 36
50 Yr Performance Ranking: 23

Brand/Stability Rating: 26

West Virginia football has a loyal fan base with solid support. The history of winning has been consistent. 2007 was near miss in playing for the title.

The Big 12 hasn't been very good for West Virginia Football. They have no conference titles or even conference championship games since joining the league.