College Logo Rankings

1. South Carolina
This delivers on so many levels

2. Michigan State
Clean with the right amount of mean

3. Virginia
Virginia makes up for on field performance with their logo'ing prowess

4. Texas
Ingeniously, they get other fan bases to buy their logo just to turn it upside down.

5. Washington State
Who knew you could merge a cougar with school letters so well?

6. Iowa
Cool, unique, and easy to identify

7. TCU
Sporto really likes it when non-threatening animals become transformed into beasts.

8. Clemson
You don't need interlocking letters to know what this is.

9. Kansas State
This is how you Wildcat

10. California
So fresh and clean, like a Pacific breeze.

11. Miami FL
U know what this represents

12. Oregon
Stare deeply into this logo at your own risk of being hypnotized

13. Florida State
The 90's were ruled by Doc Martins and this logo.

14. Colorado
Buffaloes don't make us think of mountains, but who cares this is cool.

15. UCF
The Big 12 upped their logo street cred with this medieval masterpiece

16. Arizona State
Like the enormous ASU student body, this logo likes to party.

17. Oregon State
This is a lesson in making the most of the hand you're dealt

18. West Virginia
More than just letters, this is your mountain momma.

19. Pittsburgh
Clean, crisp, and pops on the helmet

20. Penn State
Not threatening enough for top 10, but still a classic