College Football Movie Heisman Results

5. Harlan "Flat-top" Meyers, Texas
Flat top was the heart and soul of the Texas Colts. He spearheaded one of the best statistical defenses in history. However, Harlan slipped down the list as the top ranked Colts suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Texas State Armadillos in the last game of the season.

4. Gavin Grey, Louisiana University
An outstanding running back for Louisiana, Gavin's heisman day ticket was punched with a defensive play. Playing both ways, the Grey Ghost returned a fumble for a game winning fumble to secure a Sugar Bowl win.

3. Joe Kane, Eastern State University
Kane's junior season for the Timberwolves didn't go as planned. After spending much of the season in rehab, Kane was able to finished the season strong. This set him up for an outstanding senior season and a top 3 Heisman finish.

2. Johnny Walker, State University
After waiting his turn for a year, local phenom Johnny Walker led State University to a their best season in history as redshirt freshman. Although Johnny didn't pan out in the NFL and he ran into some off the field issues, his dual threat ability landed him a trip to New York.

1. Bobby Boucher, South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs
Bobby was the most prolific player we've seen. He shattered the NCAA record with 16 sacks in one game. Bobby also delivered some offensive highlights which helped him secure the Heisman. Remember when Bobby showed up at halftime and led the Mud Dogs to a Bourbon Bowl win?